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All I can say is that the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear blew my mind. It was everything I had hoped for–funny, smart, important, and crowded. A bazillion people with a billion posters made my life a million times better in just three hours. But instead of tell you, Imma show you. Check out the vlog below. And my ReadyMade blog. And Kate’s Urban Plains Blog. Oh, and the slideshow of awesomeness, here.


Ok, let’s talk spontaneity. Have you ever decided on whim to go on a 1,019-mile road trip? Until today, I hadn’t. In fact, before today that kind of road trip probably would have scared me more than hanging out with a super mega redneck-eating worm.

Luckily, my co-conspirator, Matt, is not nearly so intimidating. During a serious digression from homework, we decided that it was time we seriously considered doing this thing. Ten minutes of serious thinking later, we were bouncing in our chairs like 4-year olds with a whole pillowcase of Halloween candy. Consequently, I *think* (read, ‘know’) me, @MATTVAS, and hopefully two others will be spending Oct 30 on the mall with 25,000 other Jon Stewart supporters.

Why? Good question. Here are the most rational answers I can come up with:

  1. The Epic Factor. Let’s be honest. Senior year. Best of friends. 1,000 plus miles. Any questions?
  2. Doability. With @MATTVAS‘s crazy cool new car, we get 36 miles to the gallon. We’re pretty sure we can get there and back for less than $200. We both have friends in DC to stay with, and we plan on eating PB&J’s all weekend. Four people. $50 each. WIN. Plus, Thursday night to Monday morning means we don’t miss any classes.
  3. Satire. Yes. I’m in a satire class now, and have been studying the crap out of Stewart, Colbert, and the science of making fun of people. This is a flat-out satirical protest — the only one my teacher has ever heard of. Serious satire played out vastly public stage and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This just in! Robb is coming too! We are 75 percent ready to go. But yikes, we’ve done no homework. Ok. I officially declare this digression over. Let the countdown begin.