Let’s talk about threads.

It’s rare when I choose an outfit around an accessory, but it happened today — and it’s all thanks to my new scarf. Cool, huh? Got it last night from a group called Beza Threads. Long story short, a couple of Drake alumni went to Ethiopia, met some girls who used to be child prostitutes, and wanted to help them get their lives back together.

The girls were making scarves in conjunction with a boy’s center in Addis Ababa, so the Drake grads decided to buy some. Er, a lot. They bought a lot of scarves. And then they brought ’em back to the States. Now they sell them and send almost all of the proceeds back to the kids ($8 of every purchase goes toward to buying more scarves). At $20 apiece, they say that selling 160 scarves would keep a girl off the streets for an entire year.

As for the name, Beza, it means “redemption” in the children’s native tongue. And, beautifully,ironically, magically, they met a five-year-old child of one of the prostitutes named Beza. She’s growing up at the shelter that pulled her mother off the streets. Beza Threads.

If you want more info, visit them at bezathreads.org. Look for Megan and Josiah (Drake represent!). You can even schedule a presentation and have them come to you. Otherwise, ask about buying a box o’ scarves and selling them yourself. Beza Threads can get it to you. From the variety I saw last night, you’re sure to find something you love. You’ll probably love them all. I did. (Sidenote: the HOLIDAY season is coming. Don’t you want to give a great gift to your loved ones? Better yet, a great gift that makes a difference? Thought so).

Happy threading. Think before you buy this year.

P.S. I totally condone men in scarves, too. Men in scarves are cool. Men, buy a scarf. It will keep your neck warm and you will look awesome. If you buy a Beza Thread scarf, you will win my love and affection forever.