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All I can say is that the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear blew my mind. It was everything I had hoped for–funny, smart, important, and crowded. A bazillion people with a billion posters made my life a million times better in just three hours. But instead of tell you, Imma show you. Check out the vlog below. And my ReadyMade blog. And Kate’s Urban Plains Blog. Oh, and the slideshow of awesomeness, here.


As of Friday, 2/3 yarn bombs had been removed. I don’t know when, how, why, or by whom, but I’m sad. And yesterday Robb told me that the last one is now gone as well. I’ll check Tuesday when I drive by.

But, in the spirit of resistance (and art) I am still knitting. Planning to bomb more this week. But, for your viewing pleasure, here are the videos from last Monday’s adventure.

Drake student Brittany Swanson is the coolest person I know. She has already found two of the yarn bombs, and they’ve only been up for 16 hours! She’s unstoppable — but she’s still missing one tag. Who can beat her to the last one?

It’s on! There are three yarn bombs around Des Moines in very public places. I have no idea how long they’ll be there though. The basics:

  • I met Robb and Matt at 9:45 p.m. Robb wore a black sweatshirt and black beanie. Matt wore flannel. I wore dirty jeans and a dirty sweatshirt. So legit. So ready for some knit graffiti.
  • Our first location yelled at us. Literally, the thing spoke, we screamed, and hightailed it outta there.
  • First success was in a highly lighted place. Serene though (no screaming this time).
  • Second success was in near a security guard and a some old dead guys.
  • Third success was like tagging in a spotlight. Matt almost wet his pants as all the cars passed by. I tied as fast as possible, and we sprinted away, babbling with fear.

But how exhilarating. Much congratulations and singing (“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”) were in order. We are quite pleased with ourselves.

So here’s what’s going to happen: Below are three close-ups of the tags. Your mission: find them. The first people to snag a photo of each will get a coffee/lunch/milkshake from Smoky Row — my treat. Tweet me or send me your photo via email and we’ll talk. Happy hunting!

P.S. Stay tuned. There are hilarious videos of tonight’s exploits you really shouldn’t miss.

As one project winds down, another winds up. Literally.

I got my yarn, I got my needles, I got about 25 rows of a knit graffiti project comPLETE. I’ve scoped out my first site, and I’ve even attracted a small crew to help tag the town.

So far, major win.

Keep an eye out for color splashes in your neighborhood. And, as always, if you want to be awesome and join us, just let me know.

For one week, I am going to live a waste-free life. Or, at least try. Since Tuesday when I (they) decided that I’d do this, I’ve been very conscious of everything I throw away. It’s kind of a lot. It’s not just packages, disposable cups, post-its, paper plates, junk mail, etc. It’s also stickers on fresh fruit. Milk top-opener things. Tea bags.

And I had a panic moment today when I realized I can’t drink coffee all week. Stupid filters.

I’m having trouble preparing. Do I buy groceries now, and throw away wrappings and put things in baggies before I start this week? What do I do about apple cores and banana peels? (And coffee grounds!?) Do I need to feel guilty about using toilet paper? (I will continue to use TP, don’t worry. But I hate my teacher for pointing out that it’s really waste.)

And Robb pointed out that I can’t eat out, either. Whatever I order will produce waste, even if I can’t see it.

Furthermore, this week is not just about garbage. Waste to me means excess energy, food, water, transportation, etc. So I’ll unplug everything when I’m not using it, take quicker showers, and keep the lights off when I can. (Yes, I know these are all step 1 for green living. But I can never remember to actually do them.)

So, again, I need your help. If you have any tips, or if you’ve tried to go waste-free yourself, send me suggestions! I’d love to hear them.

[image from GG Artwork]

Look out Des Moines. I am going to yarn bomb. I pitched a story for Urban Plains Magazine about this new trend in urban art, but’s it’s taken an unexpected and *personal* twist. I was going to write about the evolution of yarn bombing and Magda Sayeg, a knitter from Austin. She wanted to bring a homemade touch back to the cold concrete jungle, so she started knitting stop sign wraps and rain gutter cozies. She has “tagged” doors and poles and rails — even a bus.

But unfortunately, miss Knittaplease has never tagged anything in the Midwest.

So, since the UP people need Midwest stories for their killer new Midwestern magazine, my editor Emily Cook and I decided that I should make it happen. Hence, I. Will. Knit. And yarn bomb. Disclaimer: I can’t knit curved things. I only knit in straight lines (scarf anyone?). Ask me to make a hat, glove, or, god forbid, a stop sign cozy, and I choke.

I’m going to do some serious studying before I set out, but I need your help!

If you know a) How to knit, or b) How to yarn bomb, or c) If you really really want to help me tag the town, TELL ME YOUR SECRETS.

And then we can collaborate and take over the world. Er, Des Moines.

[image from paperpocket]