Saturday is shit. Nothing but waste. Hope is gone.

When I started this, I barely considered time as something to be wasted. We say it all the time — “We’re WASTING time.” But today I wasted a whole Saturday.

I woke up at 10 a.m. Respectable. Ate some granola. Tried to do homework. Got super sleepy. Laid down on the floor (I couldn’t even get across the room to my couch) and fell asleep. Woke up an hour later, moved to the couch, and fell asleep. Woke up an hour later, and moved to my bed. Fell asleep. At 1:30 p.m. I finally dragged myself out of dreamland, disoriented and upset for having wasted my morning, but extremely well-rested.

To make amends, I hopped in the car and drove to Campbell’s Nutrition store in search of bulk bins — which they have in plenty. They serve organic and local brands, and encourage reusable shopping bags. However, for bulk bins, shoppers use a plastic bag and twisty tie to hold stuff. Sigh.

I bought ingredients to make homemade granola. (My breakfast this morning set my stores dangerously low, and instead of buying another wasteful box, I want to make some). Yum.

I also stopped at Wally World to buy yarn bombing supplies. The woman in front of me bought four wine glasses, each of which the cashier wrapped with mounds of paper and a plastic shopping bag. I watched him wrap for 5 minutes. I haven’t used a grocery sack all week. This woman was using one per item.

On the way home, I lurched into New City Market just to see what they had and found a selection and more bulk bins than Campbells. I bought a bag of yerba mate — a tea-like infusion from South America that gives you a kick of energy without the crash and jitters of caffeine. Plus, the leaves I bought don’t come in tea bags, so I can avoid waste by brewing it in my gourd and bombilla.

Bulk bins at New City Market

I came home, juggling all my non-bagged purchases like a buffoon, and set to work on making granola. All went smoothly. I was jamming to my favorite granola-cooking music — Neon Trees and The Virgins — and it was going to be an absolutely delicious batch of granola.

But . . . I burned it.

Sad, lonely, burned granola.

I was so mad and sad and depressed that I couldn’t even do my angry dance. This was waste at its finest. I wasted time. I wasted money. I wasted food. (It’s inedible by the way. I tried.)

So now what? Conclude that my Week Without Waste can’t be done? Maybe. I haven’t had a day this week that was truly waste-free. But, the fighter in me can’t end on defeat. So I’m stretching my Week Without Waste to a Week and a Half Without Waste. I’m going to give the granola another go. Keep buying from bulk bins. Sit more in the dark. Sleep less.

And try not burn anything. Bring it on.