Fail fail fail. Fail.

  • Coffee. (One simple thing. So many problems). I never finish a cup of coffee, no matter the size. There’s always that inch at the end — the cold, nasty, undrinkable one. Yesterday I mixed it with chocolate. Eghhh. Today I saved it, heated it up (blegh) and flooded it Coffee-Mate Italian sweet creme. Megh. Once, I just couldn’t do it. So I fed it to Stanley. My plant. He seems to like it (see above).
  • Razor. Needed a new one. What to do with the dull one?
  • Cut myself shaving. Coffee + new razor = knicks galore. Like three of them. To avoid making a huh-UGE mess, I reached for a square of TP. Ew.
  • Band-Aid. Too much blood. Even though I’m still wearing the Band-Aid now, it produced three waste items from the packaging. You know.

But now for the wins! (always end on a good note).

  • Beer. I went to ReadyMade’s launch party tonight to meet the big guy, Andrew Wagner, and the new web editor, Liz Armstrong. They kindly bought me a beer, and luckily it was a draft (PBR, of course). No environment was harmed in my participation in this party.
  • Food. Ate leftovers today, sat in the dark, and tried not to use too much silverware. Still ended up using like four utensils. Gotta work on that. But at least the leftovers were good.
  • Snot rocket. Yep. I blew my nose into the sink today. Even though this supremely grossed out my roommate, I saved a tissue. Major win. On a similar note, I haven’t used a paper towel in two days.

Oh, and I received an email from No Impact Man on what to eat that won’t produce waste. His solution: “bulk bins and produce.” Check. I’m scoping out Gateway Market, and New City Market tomorrow to see what they offer… Any other suggestions?