For one week, I am going to live a waste-free life. Or, at least try. Since Tuesday when I (they) decided that I’d do this, I’ve been very conscious of everything I throw away. It’s kind of a lot. It’s not just packages, disposable cups, post-its, paper plates, junk mail, etc. It’s also stickers on fresh fruit. Milk top-opener things. Tea bags.

And I had a panic moment today when I realized I can’t drink coffee all week. Stupid filters.

I’m having trouble preparing. Do I buy groceries now, and throw away wrappings and put things in baggies before I start this week? What do I do about apple cores and banana peels? (And coffee grounds!?) Do I need to feel guilty about using toilet paper? (I will continue to use TP, don’t worry. But I hate my teacher for pointing out that it’s really waste.)

And Robb pointed out that I can’t eat out, either. Whatever I order will produce waste, even if I can’t see it.

Furthermore, this week is not just about garbage. Waste to me means excess energy, food, water, transportation, etc. So I’ll unplug everything when I’m not using it, take quicker showers, and keep the lights off when I can. (Yes, I know these are all step 1 for green living. But I can never remember to actually do them.)

So, again, I need your help. If you have any tips, or if you’ve tried to go waste-free yourself, send me suggestions! I’d love to hear them.

[image from GG Artwork]