Look out Des Moines. I am going to yarn bomb. I pitched a story for Urban Plains Magazine about this new trend in urban art, but’s it’s taken an unexpected and *personal* twist. I was going to write about the evolution of yarn bombing and Magda Sayeg, a knitter from Austin. She wanted to bring a homemade touch back to the cold concrete jungle, so she started knitting stop sign wraps and rain gutter cozies. She has “tagged” doors and poles and rails — even a bus.

But unfortunately, miss Knittaplease has never tagged anything in the Midwest.

So, since the UP people need Midwest stories for their killer new Midwestern magazine, my editor Emily Cook and I decided that I should make it happen. Hence, I. Will. Knit. And yarn bomb. Disclaimer: I can’t knit curved things. I only knit in straight lines (scarf anyone?). Ask me to make a hat, glove, or, god forbid, a stop sign cozy, and I choke.

I’m going to do some serious studying before I set out, but I need your help!

If you know a) How to knit, or b) How to yarn bomb, or c) If you really really want to help me tag the town, TELL ME YOUR SECRETS.

And then we can collaborate and take over the world. Er, Des Moines.

[image from paperpocket]