Ok, let’s talk spontaneity. Have you ever decided on whim to go on a 1,019-mile road trip? Until today, I hadn’t. In fact, before today that kind of road trip probably would have scared me more than hanging out with a super mega redneck-eating worm.

Luckily, my co-conspirator, Matt, is not nearly so intimidating. During a serious digression from homework, we decided that it was time we seriously considered doing this thing. Ten minutes of serious thinking later, we were bouncing in our chairs like 4-year olds with a whole pillowcase of Halloween candy. Consequently, I *think* (read, ‘know’) me, @MATTVAS, and hopefully two others will be spending Oct 30 on the mall with 25,000 other Jon Stewart supporters.

Why? Good question. Here are the most rational answers I can come up with:

  1. The Epic Factor. Let’s be honest. Senior year. Best of friends. 1,000 plus miles. Any questions?
  2. Doability. With @MATTVAS‘s crazy cool new car, we get 36 miles to the gallon. We’re pretty sure we can get there and back for less than $200. We both have friends in DC to stay with, and we plan on eating PB&J’s all weekend. Four people. $50 each. WIN. Plus, Thursday night to Monday morning means we don’t miss any classes.
  3. Satire. Yes. I’m in a satire class now, and have been studying the crap out of Stewart, Colbert, and the science of making fun of people. This is a flat-out satirical protest — the only one my teacher has ever heard of. Serious satire played out vastly public stage and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This just in! Robb is coming too! We are 75 percent ready to go. But yikes, we’ve done no homework. Ok. I officially declare this digression over. Let the countdown begin.