The Clothing Brand Experiment is giving a new meaning to “designer T’s” with their new line of shirts — Limited T’s.

The shirts are a collaborative effort between CBE and four local “alternative” artists. Artists in Toronto were each given four shirts to design how they saw fit. The first was graffiti artist, Aaron Li-Hill. The second was modern cobbler, Katie Reed of Sole Survivor. Third, Peter Sanagan from Sanagan’s Meat Locker (don’t worry, no real blood was used). I like this one. Meat as art? Knives as art? A butcher as artist? Whoever chose Sanagan’s as a collaborator is the wo/man whose hand I want to shake. Good work.

The shirts have been released every Wednesday in September via Vimeo video — and there’s still one left. They run for $44, but each shirt is a work of art that won’t be reproduced. Ever.

CBE, a Toronto-based team, set out three years ago to produce a hyper-local clothing line — completely designed, manufactured, and distributed in one city. And they did it. Their clothes sell throughout Canada and certain stores in the U.S., but it’s all produced within 50 km of Toronto.

I like the shirts for their support value. Behind every art project is a talented — and often under-appreciated — artist. Showing off the talent of local artists pays it forward, at least until the shirts are all sold out. Keep an eye out for the last two designs, launching here on Wednesdays.